On August 4, 2022, Dr. Sweta Das, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry and Genetics at Xavier University School of Medicine, conducted a seminar entitled “Introduction to Genetic Disorders” at the VeneAruba Foundation. The seminar was sponsored by the United Nations (UN) International Organization of Migration. The presentation was given in English by Dr. Das and was also translated into Spanish in real time by the UN.

In her presentation, Dr. Das discussed the basics of genetic disorders including the DNA and genes in a very simplified manner. She made an attempt to explain the possible causes of various genetic disorders, their inheritance, prevention in the form of prenatal diagnosis, and intervention. She deliberately tried to clear myths about superstitious beliefs of genetic disorders.

Dr. Das has been trained in Clinical Genetics from various prestigious institutions across the world, including the National Institutes of Health (USA), Christian Medical College (India) and University of Barcelona (Spain).

Dr. Das is currently working on a series of lectures and workshops on genetic disorders in association with the United Nations Migrations Office at Aruba. She aims to bring awareness of genetic disorders to Aruba and impact the global public health management of patients affected with rare diseases.