What makes Xavier so attractive a choice for studying medicine in the Caribbean? It is the rare combination of a high caliber of medical education at a cost students can afford.

We know you are working hard to achieve your dream of going to medical school and becoming a doctor. We also know that the cost to earn your degree is expensive. Part of our mission at Xavier University School of Medicine is to make a quality medical education more affordable. That’s why we are the most affordable Caribbean medical school that New York State approved and fully accredited.

Xavier also offers numerous scholarships and grants, along with several comprehensive financial aid programs for students and parents that will assist in meeting their financial needs. We invite you to explore these programs and opportunities that can set you on your journey to becoming a doctor.

Affordability of Xavier

One of the biggest deterrents to attending medical school is the high cost of tuition. At Xavier, you’ll find that we are the exception — the ideal combination of financial affordability and accredited world-class medical training.

Did you know that Xavier is the most affordable New York State approved medical school in the Caribbean? Check out the chart below to see how Xavier’s tuition compares to that of other Caribbean medical schools.


At Xavier University School of Medicine, we believe in recognizing and rewarding high-achieving students with scholarships so that they may pursue their medical degrees. This fall, Xavier is proud to announce having awarded almost one million dollars in scholarships to students starting in September 2022. To date, this is the largest distribution of scholarship awards at Xavier—marking a milestone for making a quality medical education more affordable.

Xavier offers 15 different scholarships (for up to 50% of tuition), which includes the recent Congressman John Lewis Equality Memorial Scholarship, in memory of the late civil rights activist. Learn more about our tuition and fees.

In the Fall 2022 semester alone, Xavier awarded more than $915,000 in scholarships to new students.

Financial Aid Opportunities for U.S. Students


At Xavier University School of Medicine, students may apply for loans through the Medinvest Loan Program. If you are applying for financial aid, here are the guidelines you need to know:

  • Your annual loan limit is the cost of attendance less other financial aid received.
  • Residency deferment is available. No payments are required while in school and during approved residency program.
  • Borrower must be U.S. citizen or U.S. permanent resident.
  • Students who do not meet the credit criteria may apply with a credit-ready co-signer.

G.I. Bill

At Xavier, we are proud to accept U.S. military financial aid, including veterans who wish to access their benefits for the purpose of paying for medical school.

Xavier University School of Medicine is approved for:

  • GI Bill
  • Post-9/11 benefits
  • Veterans Readiness and Employment benefits (Chapter 31)

Do you have access to U.S. military financial aid benefits? If so, you may apply to the Veterans Administration to determine your eligibility and reach out to our student finance office for assistance

Financial Aid for Canadian Students

Canadian Provincial Loans

Xavier accepts student loans that are issued from the Canadian government. The Government of Canada—and most provincial or territorial governments—work together to deliver federal and provincial student loan and grant programs. If you are an applicant from Canada and interested in applying to Xavier, you are encouraged to apply for loans through your local governments. (Please reference school code: ZPAO.)

For general information regarding Canadian student loan programs, please visit the CanLearn website.

Investing in your future is a smart decision. Choosing Xavier is an even smarter one. Don’t let the cost get in your way of earning a medical degree. Check out our blog, “Why Choose Xavier Over Other Caribbean Medical Schools,” for more reasons as to why choosing Xavier University School of Medicine may be your best decision for pursue your medical degree. Apply today! Not ready to apply? Schedule a 1:1 session with our admissions team to get all your questions answered.